Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Record Release Date Announced! Also, a Very Special Spring Residency Announced

As we approach the recording sessions for our upcoming record, we're pleased to announce that the national release date will be September 1, 2010. It is being released on the Engine Room Recordings imprint in NYC. We begin recording in March.

Also, it is our distinct pleasure to announce that Lowry will be the house band at Spike Hill for the entire Spring of 2010. It is a rarity for a music club in Williamsburg to hand over such valuable stage time for such a long period of time. We're honored to do it.

The residency begins on Thursday, February 4th. We will be there every Thursday until the end of April. All shows will be free of charge. The night will include dj's, comedy and other distinguished musical acts from NYC and surrounding regions.

Spike Hill is located directly in the heart of Williamsburg at North 7th and Bedford.

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