Friday, September 10, 2010

Europe Dates Released

Lowry/Steve Waitt Europe 2010 Dates:

9/24 't Gildenhuis Ruplemonde, BE
9/25 Het Kasteel (TBA) Ho
9/26 Projekt 072 Alkmaar, NL
9/29 Atomic Cafe (TBA) Munich
9/30 Tonenburg Hoxter-albaxen, DE
10/1 (TBA) Koln, DE
10/2 Mondial Club Hamburg, DE
10/3 Madame Claude (TBA) Berlin
10/5 Madame Claude (Acoustic) Berlin
10/6 Lokation Bad Salzuflen-Schötmar, DE
10/7 Alter Bürgersaal Hannover-Bissendorf, DE
10/8 Die Weberei Gütersloh, DE
10/9 Cafe del Sol Bad Salzuflen-Schötmar, DE
10/10 Cafe live Aalfeld, DE
10/11 Propaganda Prague
10/12 Propaganda Prague
10/13 Tortilla Factory Warsaw
10/14 Tortilla Factory Warsaw
10/15 Verve Bielefeld, DE
10/16 't Guildenhuis (TBA) Ruplemonde, BE
10/17 Buckshotcafe (TBA) Groningen, NL
10/20 Bonnefooi Brussels

Dates labeled TBA are subject to date and/or venue changes.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Europe Dates to Be Announced Soon

Following completion of our new LP, European dates will be announced starting in late September. We will be touring with Songwriter/Folkster Steve Waitt. Stops will include shows in Holland, Germany, Belgium & Poland. Please keep an eye out right here for those dates as well as album release announcements.

Meantime, catch us at the Before the Bridge Festival in Philadelphia (Collingswood) on September 18th at 7pm.

Find out more about BTBF here or here.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Record Begins in 2 Weeks, Rockwood Music Hall

After delays in the construction of the new Engine Room studio, we'll finally be putting music to tape this August. It's been a long wait, but we've been able to create many new sounds that may not have happened had we recorded a year ago when the studio sessions were originally scheduled.

Meantime, catch our last show of the summer on Friday, August 13th at the big, beautiful new Rockwood Music Hall (room 2). We'll be performing right before Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne).

Much love.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brooklyn Bowl Show Announced - Residency Extended

The winter/spring residency at Spike Hill was bangin. It officially ended in May and the club asked us to do one more month. So we're taking June off and we'll be there every Thursday at 11pm in July for our final month of the residency. As usual, every slot on each night will be spectacular.

On June 29th, we will be part of a live event at Brooklyn Bowl that will feature the talents of Dinosaur Feathers and The Casey Shae Band. This event will focus on the release of the Dino Feathers new music video. This event will be free to the public. Please join us. We will perform a live set at 10:30pm.

We're currently finishing pre-production on our new record. It's scheduled for release this fall.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Come to Our Residency as a Cartoon. . .

2nd life has found its way into our universe. Streamjam is a new alpha program that allows you to interact with us at our concerts, even if you're not there.

If you're not in NYC this spring, join us at our concerts virtually. . . just click here on Thursday evenings around 8 or 9.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010