Friday, October 9, 2009

CMJ --- Spike Hill Residency --- Apple Orchard Festival

Our CMJ showcase this month will happen Thursday, October 22nd at 8pm at The Suffolk in the LES. Please join us.

Also, our October residency is in full swing. Our next show at Spike Hill is next Friday, October 16th at 10pm. We'll also be doing a special outdoor concert on Sunday, October 18th at NOON at the Apples on Orchard festival. It's located on Orchard between Rivington and Delancey in the LES.

The record is coming. We promise. We want to make sure it is very good for you.

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woof said...

Very impressed that you met Noam Chomsky, I wish we would have talked politics and philosophy back in the day when we jammed together. I think we were traveling down different roads at the time taking into consideration that you're considerably younger than me. Glad to see your still playing, but I have to say you have the potential to rock so much harder. Please don't be offended by that, i just saw a lot more Eric Clapton in you than your present musical incarnation. I'm not talking smack, please don't misconstrue my words. I personally think you have a really good straight up rock and roll hit inside just waiting to come out. Drop the freaky sun glasses,put some Levis on and a t-shirt and forget about this freaky alternative shit. There's a rock star in there just waiting to write a kick ass album, i know that's what you really are. I can't even recognize you in those glasses with that hair in your face. C'mon dude you're a fucking rock star not an alt rocker. I'M JUST SAYIN' you've already got your foot in the door man.

Perry Sereda (drums)